Monday, 7 January 2013

Happy New Year!!

Hi There!

I know its abit late, but better late than never!

I hope you and your families had a terrific Christmas and New Year!

We have been so busy it feels like our feet haven't touched the ground, leading up to Christmas I was so busy making custom orders and keeping the Made it here shop in Napier filled with stock that I didn't get a chance to complete my Christmas Shopping until the 23rd & 24th of December!
We headed back to Napier for Christmas , and it was lovely to actually do the Christmas shopping with Gabe as he had been teaching summer school at Massey and we hadn't seen each other much.

Christmas day was fun and busy. It was our nephew Leon's 1st Christmas and he was abit unsure about what was going on, but he enjoyed the wrapping paper! And when he figured out there was new toys he was pretty happy about that!
Leon's 1st Christmas!! (The Nerf Gun was his Dad's!)

We then ate to much for breakfast, then headed around to my family's house for lunch. Our Godson's followed their Uncle around and kept him busy with "Uncle Gabe watch me Swim" "Uncle Gabe did you know I can...". They got a ninja each for Christmas and Jackson told me that it was his best present!
Christmas evening we had more family time back at Gabe's parents, with too much food, ping-pong wars, nerf guns, alot of laugh's and drinks!

I was very lucky to receive a few handmade pressies which I am totally in love with!
A Beautiful Embroidery From Laura!

A Lovely Bay from Casey!

A beautiful Cookbook filled with lovely Photos from Summer & Sienna! (I know the photo is upside down...Blogger is doing something strange today!)

On the 27th we headed to Wellington as our friend's Jimmy & Chie were having their Kiwi Wedding, as they had were married in Japan in 2011. It was supposed to be a surprise to me that they were all wearing my ties!, but Chie let the cat out of the bag. It was still a lovely surprise to see who had which tie! There were 8 Star Wars ties and 2 Dr Who! It was such a lovely ceremony, and a great evening with lots of yummy food, laughter, speeches and KARAOKE!
JellieBellie Ties!!!
Gabe, Cain, Jimmy, Ikuho, Leon, Chie & Me (The Best group photo we got!)

We had such a great time and we were so lucky to be a part of the great day! We wish you both a long and happy life together filled with love, laughter, fun, family, crazy friends and karaoke !

New year we headed back to Napier, where there was more food, sangria, ping-pong wars (again!), music, laughter and family time! After a few days there we headed home for a break!

I have yet to start sewing again, but hope to tidy up my disaster area of a craft area and get back into it later this week! I will be stocking my Felt & Etsy stores in the next week of so, and will let you know when it is done!

Hope you are having a relaxing day!

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