Sunday, 20 January 2013

Still in Holiday Mode!

Hi There

I don't know about you but I am struggling to get back into work mode!

We had our Godson for just over a week and am still recovering from it! We had a ball with him, baking, scootering, swimming, crafting and playing games, he enjoyed his time with us and is looking forward to coming for another visit.

Crafting and Swimming

Indian Crafting, Walking with Uncles and Donuts!
Te Manawa, River and Leon

I have been struck with a spring cleaning/ getting rid of stuff bug and the house has been turned upside down,  if we haven't used it for awhile it is going! I want to clear enough stuff out so I can set up my sewing stuff in the spare room, the only downside is I don't know where our guests will sleep (as we have a 2 bedroom house), I am thinking about getting a fold out couch for the lounge :)

I have finally listed a pile of stock in my Felt store, so make sure you go and check it out and spread it around if you can!

Star Wars Ties!

Reversible Star Wars Messenger Bags

Rainbow Brite Handbag

Have a great day and enjoy the weather outside! I am off to do some gardening!

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