Thursday, 7 February 2013

What's happening??

Hi There!

I have been struggling to think of something to write about, and also have been lacking in motivation to sew! We have been enjoying the fabulous weather that has been throughout New Zealand, and gasp even in Palmerston North!! Palmy even has been in the 30's!

I was introduced to a website that talks about minimalism and have been reading it and finding inspiration from it. We were feeling bogged down by the stuff we had, and since decluttering we are feeling lighter and more organised. Cleaning the house is now so much quicker, and I find myself doing jobs I NEVER used to do (Like dusting!), as there is alot less stuff around. We have not gone extreme minimalism  but are finding a happy balance that works for us! I have even sorted and moved my sewing area and it will be ready for unveiling next week! AND I got rid of my giant bin of scraps to a local kindy, AND also donated them fabric I really wasn't going to use. It feels so good to organise my sewing area! Check it out at the link below

I have been doing abit of baking lately too! Sugar-Free Muffins for Leon, and he loves them! He gets so excited when he see's the baking tin :) And also made a birthday cake for our friends daughter's first birthday, they were joking I should branch into birthday cakes! ( I don't have the time for that!)
Leon guarding his baking!

Katy's 1st Birthday Cake!

Anyway I best get finishing sorting the sewing area so I can make up some new ties, bags and baby boots!
And also start applying for some markets, I will let you know where I will be next!
Take Care :)

P.S I have been featured in the Felt Valentines Gift Guide...make sure you check it out!

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