Sunday, 3 March 2013

I have some news!

Hi There!!

There have been alot of conversations with our Family and Friend's lately and its all started with...

"We have some news.....No I'm not pregnant"

"I have been offered an amazing opportunity in Sydney, so we are moving"

Followed with tears, questions and alot of hugs.

"What will happen with JellieBellie" is a common question, I will keep it going, but will be taking a break for a couple of months off while we get settled. I can still do custom orders, and will focus mainly on the Etsy store for selling stuff.

I have been offered a job that I told Gabe would be one of my dream jobs, I applied for it on a whim and several interviews later (including being flown to Sydney for a day), I was offered a position of Home Furnishings Business Manager for Ikea. Yep Ikea. I LOVE Ikea. You have no idea how stoked I am!

I start in  3 weeks, so we are busy getting stuff sorted and packed (and selling stuff too!), along with trying to organise ourselves in Sydney.

Keep your eyes peeled if I have time I might organise a quick sale!

Thanks for all of your support and I hope you will stick around and see what JellieBellie will bring next!

Take Care


  1. Wow -congrats on the job! I love Ikea and wish they were here in NZ! All the best for the move!

  2. All the best. Hope you still keep creating on this page. My boys use the star wars bags you made them a lot!